Illustrator Plug-ins

February 20, 2007

Some pretty awesome practical and useful plugins for Illustrator from Graffix. Check them out.

Nudge Palette
Alien Palette
Cutting Tools
Trackplan Tools
Proof Block
Isometric Line Tool


If you like to customize (skinning) the look of your menu tree component in flash please take a look at the following examples of the properties you can change.

public var myTree:Tree;

myTree.setStyle(“fontSize”, “10”);
myTree.setStyle(“fontFamily”, “Verdana”);
myTree.setStyle(“backgroundColor”, “0xEBEBEB”);
myTree.setStyle(“borderStyle”, “none”);
myTree.setStyle(“color”, “0x666666”);
myTree.setStyle(“rollOverColor”, “0xE3E3E3”);
myTree.setStyle(“selectionColor”, “0xE3E3E3”);
myTree.setStyle(“textRollOverColor”, “0x666666”);
myTree.setStyle(“textSelectedColor”, “0x666666”);

If you want to customize the icons in your tree component you can by creating your own icon. Convert your icon to a movie clip symbol and it’s important that you give it a unique Linkage Identifier name. You can do this by clicking on the Advanced button in the Symbol Properties box. If you don’t you will not be able to customize the look of your icons. These are the 5 icons you can customize.

myTree.setStyle(“defaultLeafIcon”, “LinkageIdentiferName”);
myTree.setStyle(“folderClosedIcon”, “LinkageIdentiferName”);
myTree.setStyle(“folderOpenIcon”, “LinkageIdentiferName”);
myTree.setStyle(“disclosureOpenIcon”, “LinkageIdentiferName”);
myTree.setStyle(“disclosureClosedIcon”, “LinkageIdentiferName”);

For more infomation on customizing the tree component in flash click here.

February 19, 2007

Check out and please buy my first two contributions. More to come!

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CSS Speech Bubbles

February 11, 2007

My friend Eric sent me this great link for creating CSS speech bubbles with rounded corners and all!

Click here to check out the link.

Last night I found this great PDF on how to create seamless patterns in Illustrator.

Click here to download the PDF instructions

And stay tune for my RetroPattern Series coming to soon.

I needed to create a simple banner for a client where text would fade in and slide in from the left. So here’s a simple way to rotate text in a textfield. Now it’s easy to update text later down the road and you don’t have to manually tween every text box. I’ve added a nice fade in and slide transition to make it more pretty.

On your timeline window be sure to create a movieclip called “mc_instancename“. In the movieclip “mc_instancename” create a textbox called “txt_instancename”. Adjust the x and y coordinates and alpha amounts yourself in the tween class. Please note that this does not loop. But you can easily adjust the code to have it loop.

function tweenText() {

new mx.transitions.Tween(mc_instancename, “_alpha”, mx.transitions.easing.Regular.easeOut, 0, 100, 2, true);
new mx.transitions.Tween(mc_instancename, “_x”, mx.transitions.easing.Regular.easeOut, 533, 276, 1, true);


var intervalId:Number;
var count:Number = 0;
var maxCount:Number = 6;
var duration:Number = 5000;

var rotatingtext:Array = new Array();
rotatingtext[0] = “Place text here”;
rotatingtext[1] = “Place text here“;
rotatingtext[2] = “Place text here“;
rotatingtext[3] = “Place text here”;
rotatingtext[4] = “Place text here“;
rotatingtext[5] = “Place text here“;
rotatingtext[6] = “Place text here“;

function rotateText(param:String) {

mc_instancename.txt_instancename.htmlText = param;

if (count<maxCount) {

intervalId = setInterval(this, “rotateText“, duration, rotatingtext[[count]);

} else if (count=maxCount) {



if (intervalId != null) {


intervalId = setInterval(this, “
rotateText“, 0, rotatingtext[count]);

Adobe’s Apollo

February 2, 2007

Mike sent me this sexy Overview on Adobe’s Apollo. Apollo will aparently let you create desktop applications using Flash, Flex, Actionscript, HTML, and more. Looks very cool.

Check out the sexy pdf “Understanding¬†Apollo”